The purpose of a kitchen duct extraction system is to remove greasy air from a commercial kitchen. During the cooking process, grease from fats and oils along with any possible fuels (charcoal and wood) are removed from the kitchen through the extract system. Along the way through the extraction system, the hot air begins to cool and attaches itself to the duct, forming a Gel kind substance on the side of the duct. This gelly grease has now become the biggest safety and fire risk in kitchen; hotel and building.

We inspect and clean Kitchen duct as per international standards there by avoiding chances of  kitchen fires. We make sure that through our grease removal processes your complete system is clean, safe and ready to use. we always recommend that a cleaning schedule should be undertaken every 6 months at a minimum. Upon completion of our service, you will receive a validation sticker detailing the cleaning of the system, a cleaning report along with our comments and a validation certificate. We understand that a commercial kitchen works all night and days, therefore we always make sure that our service is flexible and suits your schedule.