Being in Middle east we live with the AC System constantly. It’s for all intents and purposes our second set of lungs. It gives us the air to breath and that is the reason, it is vital to keep our AC system clean consistently.

Maximum air condition systems are made of two sections, the air condition unit, and air duct. It is imperative that both and not one is completely cleaned as the cooled air courses through both before turning out from the vents to give you the comfort you require. The profound cleaning of the two sections is essential to maintain the indoor air quality.

We do this by following an extensive method of intense cleaning of all parts of your AC System, including Evaporator Coils, Drainage Tray and pipes, Filters, Duct system and Air Vents. Be cautious, as the ordinary AC ducts cleaning done on most ACs isn’t adequate, unless it is a profound cleaning followed by an intensive disinfection.