Indoor Air Quality is considered a bigger health risk within a closed environment due to the various biological and chemical contaminants such as virus, bacteria, fungi/ molds, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, respirable dust particles etc. The current world population is in an alert due to the outbreak of corona virus (Covid-19) all over the world. We provide cleaning and disinfection services for the Indoor Air & Surfaces by biocide fogging/spraying which are harmless to humans and target specific to disinfect microorganisms such as virus, bacteria and fungi/ mold etc. Biocide fogging/ spraying has distinct advantages when it comes to quickly eliminating existing microbial and insect populations in Indoor Air. Biocide fogging/ spraying is a means to deliver Biocides or disinfectants quickly and effectively. Utilize high-pressure air to force liquid through a small nozzle, producing a mist. This type of unit is well suited for delivering active ingredients deep into inaccessible or difficult to reach areas such as wall voids, ceilings floors, cabinets, or equipment.

ADFA offers complete sanitization and disinfection of your home, office, clinics, hospitals and common areas to reduce all harmful bacterial and viral germs. Our team of experts use 100% natural eco-friendly cleansers and the latest disinfection equipment to give you nothing less than a 99.9% hygienic and bacteria-free furnishings so you can have a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Be it your homes, vehicles, working soaces or religious places like mosque church or temples, we use the most efficient fogging machinery and disinfect the aforementioned places in just a matter of few hours. The places become ready for healthy occupation in a time frame of 2 hours.