Water tank cleaning in Dubai is an extremely important part of water hygiene because of high temperature. Poorly managed and neglected water tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Without regular checks and purification, your tank may become home to various type of pathogens that can seriously endanger the health of your and your loved ones.

Dubai Municipality recommends that all of the buildings water tanks should be disinfected and clean once in 6 months . We have water tank cleaning experts, fully certified and trained and hence we are fully approved by the Dubai Municipality. We use chemicals compliant with Dubai Municipality standards and regulations.

Our experts will ensure that your tank is perfectly sanitized and disinfected so that you are getting a supply of clean and germ-free water. We make sure that your water tank is cleaned and disinfected keeping in mind the highest environment and health standards. While we mainly serve in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are willing to provide our services to most parts of the UAE.

The tank is usually scrubbed clean to get at all dirt and grime that built up over time, the sludge is then drained and the tank is disinfected so that any remaining bacteria and fungi is neutralized.