Facades are used to manage the thermal condition of buildings’ interiors and also enhance their appearance. A sparkling facade leaves a lasting impression on visitors and potential customers. In Dubai, most of the buildings have facades which are environment friendly by not allowing heat reflection from the buildings to the atmosphere and saves energy.

So, it is important that regular cleaning and maintenance of facade should be carried out which will increase the longevity of buildings and also maintain their property value.

More than 30 per cent of the high-rise buildings in the world comprise glass facades. Cleaning a facade using conventional means such as using scaffolding, cradle, platforms, ladders or cranes is time-consuming and also exposes workers to high risks. Moreover, there are many surfaces in the buildings or towers which are dangerous and difficult to access.

Our Sister concern HIGH DUNES MAINTENANCE & CLEANING SERVICES LLC is a Dubai-based organization extending rope access services to works concerning high-altitude and dangerous scaling. Rope access is the world-wide accepted and adopted the technique to reach any level of high-rise towers to perform maintenance or serving exterior components of the buildings such as window panes, glass panels, tiles and facades.
Since facades are exposed to harsh weather such as dry heat, dust, rain and pollution, to keep them sparkling forever, Green Smart Technical uses the latest cleaning method which is not only safe and efficient but also cost-effective and durable.

The rope access workers are well trained in cleaning different types of surfaces including plastic, glass, cement, fibre, etc and have undergone rigorous training to ensure better quality service, usage of safe chemicals and avoid any long term damage to building surfaces.